Letter to my younger self

Dear Stacy,

It’s me Stacy (aka YOU!) but from the future. I am writing this letter to thank you for being who you needed to be to survive. You survived so that I could LIVE. Allow me to tell you a little about the future! So as afraid as you were of having kids, you had a son and a daughter. They are both happy, healthy, and thriving. Believe it or not your kids are your little best friends. You make a great mom! You learned what unconditional love truly means first through your son. You then went through maturing after having your daughter and gained your hidden wisdom. You did what you had to do so that I now can do what I love doing (writing, being a mom, etc.). Thank you! If no one else says it or means it I will, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Yes, I am writing in the third person intentionally. Seeing all of the growth and progress has me feeling like a proud mom cheering you on from the future.


Future You

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