Lessons learned in June

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  • If you’re not happy in life, look at the decisions you make daily. Those daily decisions ultimately shape your daily reality.
  • Once you begin to make changes within yourself, the whole world will seemingly follow suit and change.
  • Do more things you love. If you have something not so fun to do (chores, errands, etc) add something you love or reward yourself after.
  • When you live life fast, you don’t get to enjoy the benefit of life. Living too fast we tend to forget that each moment is precious.
  • Pupils are like black holes, portals to the soul that takes us beyond the physical.
  • Learn who to share your energy with and who not to share it with.
  • Sometimes those big and scary decisions are the ones that change your life for the better.
  • No one will take care of you and love you the way you do!
  • Try to keep a positive attitude, even when things get hard. Try to always find the light in the darkness (half full NOT half empty).
  • It is easy to lose motivation to do anything without reward, gratification, or seemingly much progress. Remember ALL progress is still progress. No matter how big or small you are still progressing.

These are all lessons that really hit hard while I was taking time in June to be present and reflect on my life up until this point. I love taking time out every few months (AT LEAST once a year!) to think about my decisions that got me to where I am and how to get to where I want to be if I am not already. It allows me to redirect myself before going further and further down the wrong path.

I am taking every avenue possible to get my messages out to as many people as I can. The world could always use more love, kindness, and positivity. Like, comment, and share! Also, if there are any topics you guys want to take about list it in the comments. Thank you for subscribing and coming on this journey with me.

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