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Normally we tend to get sad about the summer ending so soon (especially If you live in MINNESOTA!), but this year I look at the leaves on the tips of the trees as a reminder to soak up the rest of this season. Instead of instantly allowing anxiety about the winter and the sudden wave of depression to take over me I embrace the change. I look at winter now as an opportunity to further practice everything I have learned along the way. Sometimes cool, crisp air is just what you need. The summer of 2022 has been a great summer and I look forward to what fall and winter have in store for me.

When talking to most people about the weather, they skip straight from summer to winter. I admit it is the most beautiful season in my opinion. There is a beauty about knowing that the winter is coming, and that is watching the transition happen all around everyday. The spring we see the buds on the trees slowly mature and the flowers blooming. The summer we get to soak up the beautiful blue skies and sunshine. What do you see each season change? Do you have a preference?

This summer was a big one for my family. My son turned five and is starting school and my daughter turned one. This summer has been soaking up as much family time as possible and making memories along the way. I have had a few major breakthroughs this summer that I am excited to share with our community. What are some of your highlights to your summer? What are you looking forward to ending the year? LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURS(GOOD AND BAD)?

My summer highlights:

  • Being about to take my son to see WWE live!!!! I got to live out part of my childhood.
  • Early morning drives seeing how beautiful the sky is just as the sun comes up with my kids during drop offs to daycare and camp.
  • The movie nights with my family.
  • I am actively Learning about the stock market.
  • Meeting new people that I really connected with.
  • Going swimming with family.

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