Dear Earth Angel,

How do you even begin to write a letter to an angel that was incarnated here on earth? I always knew that the world had good people just like it has bad people. This earth angel in particular, I was blessed enough to be able to give my daughter her name. Has anyone ever been so kind to you that all you could do was cry? Not tears of sadness of course but tears of gratitude. 

This angel’s name is Laura. Have you ever met someone so sweet and loving that if anyone said a single thing about them you get into defensive mode? That’s me with Laura. This beautiful woman lives her life making sure to spread love and positivity to all. Simply being in her presences gives you a sense of peace that everything will be okay no matter the circumstances. The stress always seems to melt away being in her presence. 

This is a letter to say thank you for everything that you do and most importantly to thank you for being you. The world needs more people like you and god blessed us by placing one of his precious angels on earth.

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One thought on “Dear Earth Angel,

  1. Omg so I’m crying!!! That was so kind. God placed you in my life as a blessing to me! It’s amazing to see a young women so beautiful and determined! I’m thankful you’re my granddaughter’s mom💗💗💗💗💗

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