Lessons learned through achieving success

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One mistake I learned from was having ideas but not writing them down. I would feel stagnant in life and often desired more but did not understand how to even begin to set myself up for success. One thing that I always seemed to be good at was having a planner system. I achieved success early with that skill through High school and my time in college. On New Years of 2022, I began using the planner gifted to me by my mother. My first goal for myself was learning how to create a blog. I switched to getting a planner and journal to track my process and progress throughout my journey through life, motherhood, and living with depression. I started setting goals for myself and writing them down on a planner and using a check for complete and “X” if incomplete system and I was able to track my growth. This pushed my and the progress that I was seeing from myself became all of the motivation I needed to keep going.

I also was able to set higher goals for myself and excel at those! I became my own motivator. I realized that when you write down your goals, and track the progress you are able to go back and built the idea and that is how you are planting the seeds to your future success. You have the bring those ideas to life and the first step in that process is bringing it from your mind into the physically world by writing it down. We can not rely on remembrance be act right away and take initiative. Get serious about your ideas! If you are not serious and do not have faith in your idea how will you achieve success? You are what you believe you are.

Another benefit was I was able to schedule things out! I love waking up and already having my goals for the day planned and knowing that I can always edit and revise it and change trajectory. I am always aiming for success but ultimately being productive. I loved the freedom of being able to move my tasks around but making progress by getting it crossed out before the week is out.

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