Understanding your lower self

As we already know and previously talked about with the the law of polarity, everything has two poles. If there is love there is hate, if there is good there is bad, etc. So it would only make sense that since we have a higher self, we have a lower self also. Once I heard of the lower self I began to research into what that means exactly and came to find that ultimately, it is the person that I was before my journey! I then took the lesson that you are what you believe you are and applied it, then realized that it also impacts your reality and the life you are living. If you are constantly operating in the state of your lower self you will keep going through lessons to teach you to grow, it is when you have learned and know the difference and can move with gratitude that you receive blessings in expected and unexpected ways. Knowing the difference is the first step in your spiritual growth journey. Once you are aware, it is then your responsibility to constantly hold yourself accountable. No longer can you operate in a state of ignorance and expect no karma.

Karma is not as bad as people make it out to be. Without karma some of our most valuable lessons could not have been learned. Karma not only pushes you to grow by encouraging you through providing blessings and good karma, it also holds you accountable and teaches you through bad karma. You are tested in many ways, which version of yourself are you operating from?

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