Turn your stress into your strength

Everyone has met someone who they have admired for their strength through situations. But have you ever wondered where their strength came from? All of the strongest people have something in common. They all know they same piece of information, they know where to find an abundance of strength. The fountain of strength. Their strength however.

Everyone is fueled by different things. I am fueled by my children, the future, and all of the possibilities that are out there. You may be fueled by family, friends, or even pets. Everyone has something that gives them joy. When you are stressed out and are swamped with emotions, think about the things that bring you joy. Think about the good times you have had. Think about all of the laughs and good feelings. Then remember that nothing lasts forever. Whatever state you are in, will be over. The bad times teach us lessons. Find the lessons buried in the tough times. When the good times come back around you will find yourself enjoying it even more. Know that nothing lasts forever. During the good moments really slow down and take them in.

I find myself walking slower outside. I take deeper breaths and really daze into the color of the leaves outside. Minnesota has some of the most beautiful scenery in the fall. The leaves all change colors rapidly around you. The air is cool, the perfect temperature. I watch the squirrels run around and scavenge for food. I am soaking up the beautiful autumn weather.

What is something that gives you strength? If you are going through a tough time, look for the buried lessons. Let’s take a second for gratitude, What are your grateful for?

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